Elements of a story

Explains plot, character, conflict, setting and theme.

Elements of Fiction

Teaching exposition through video shorts

Pixar’s short videos are excellent ways to introduce all elements of a plot. The videos range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes and contain an entire, non-verbal story during that time. Watching, discussing and diagramming them is a fun alternative or supplement to fairy tale based lessons. These clips are from YouTube. If your district blocks YouTube, you might want to look at installing a program on your computer that lets you save You Tube clips to hard drive. Pixar Short of Penguin on Ice Floe is a one minute thirty second short with lots of exposition. It has all of the basic plot elements and is short. Would work well with discussion or a Freytag Pyramid.
Pixar’s For the Birds Short is longer (3min20) and bit harder to diagram, but also has all of the basic plot structures with good character development at the beginning.
Pixar Tennis Commercial is under 30 seconds and has all of the basic plot elements (with a British cell phone ad at the end). Also excellent discussion for cyber bullying…

Reading Strategy Worksheet - Plot