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Introduction to the Student Reference Book

1.2 Rectangular Arrays

OBJECTIVE: To review rectangular arrays and the use of multiplication number models to represent such arrays.

rectangular array.PNG

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more examples:


MHL Book Lesson
(start on page 124)

1.3 Factors

OBJECTIVE: To provide a review of the meanings of factor and product; and to provide opportunities to factor numbers and develop automaticity with multiplication facts.

Multiples and Factors song:

Difference between Factors and Multiples:
"We multiply multiples, they're higher!
We break down the factors, they're lower!"

Factors Millionaire

1.4 The Factor Captor Game

OBJECTIVE: To review divisibility concepts.

Factor Captor
Factor Captor 2

1.5 Divisibility

OBJECTIVE: To introduce divisibility rules for division by 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, and 10; and how to use a calculator to test for divisibility by a whole number.

Video Lesson

Song #1:

Song #2:
Divisibility Rules freebie
Divisibility Rules freebie

Rags to Riches
Vector Kids (challenging because it includes rules for 8, 12, and 15)

IXL Math
Math Goodies

(Note for the Teacher: Play "Divisibility Rules Practice" SMART notebook file in Documents.)

1.6 Prime and Composite Numbers

OBJECTIVE: To introduce the classification of whole numbers as either prime or composite.

Prime Numbers Chart | Main Photo (Cover)
Prime Numbers Chart | Main Photo (Cover)

Prime vs. Composite

1.7 Square Numbers

OBJECTIVE: To introduce square numbers and the exponent key on a calculator.

Manga High

1.8 Unsquaring Numbers

OBJECTIVE: To introduce the concept of square roots; and the use of the square-root key on a calculator.

1.9 Factor Strings and Prime Factorizations

OBJECTIVE: To review equivalency concepts for whole numbers; and to introduce factor strings and prime factorization.

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Khan Academy video:
Prime factorization: Prime Factorization

Factor Ninja