6.1 Multiplication of Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Objectives: To review multiplying fractions and mixed numbers; and to find reciprocals.

Multiplying regular fractions with cross cancelling:

6.2 Division of Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Objective: To introduce an alogorithm for division of fractions

6.3. Review: Addition and Subtraction of Positive and Negative Numbers

Objective: To practice adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers

Adding and Subtacting positive and negative integers:

Changing signs when adding and subtracting positive and negative integers:

Learn the Rules of Positive and Negative Numbers whether +, -. X, or /:

6.4 Multiplication and Division of Positive and Negative Numbers

Objective: To develop and apply rules for multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers

Multiplying and Dividing Integers song:

6.5 The Properties of Number Systems

Objective: To summarize the properties of number systems and operations

6.6 Order of Operations

Objectives: To review the order of operations; and to evaluate expressions containing parentheses.


Order of Operations Rap
Lyrics: When we begin we begin together
Parentheses first now please be clever
Exponents come right next in line
Now we multiply and divide at the same time
Now subtraction and addition
Walk it out with computation
It's the order of operations

6.7 Review: Number Sentences

Objectives: To review number sentences; and to translate word sentences into numbers.

6.8 Solving Simple Equations

Objective: To use trial and error and a cover-up method to solve equations.

Simple Equations: Introduction to basic algebraic equations of the form Ax=B

Solving One-Step Equations: Solving One-Step Equations

Solving One-Step Equations 2: u10_L1_T1_we3 Solving One-Step Equations 2

Read all 4 steps, but go to Step 4 for practice problems:

6.11 The Equivalent-Equations Method

Objective: To write and solve equivalent equations.