Playlist 1 (a video list of lots of Minute to Win It games)

Noodling Around

Face the Cookie

This Blows

Nose Dive

A Bit Dicey

Suck It Up

(I play it differently. Give competitor a bowl of m&m candies and a straw. They must transfer them to another bowl at the other end of the table using them straw to suck them up and carry them one by one. The competitor who gets the most candies in 1 minute wins.)

Rapid Fire

Ready Spaghetti

Defying Gravity

Breakfast Scramble

Pencil Back Flip

Chinese Marshmallows

(no video avaliable)
  1. Fill a take-out box with some mini marshmallows and put it at one end of the table along with the chopsticks
  2. Put the other take-out box at the other end of the table
  3. Students must use chopsticks to transport one marshmallow at a time from one box to the other.
  4. Contestant with the most marshmallows after a minute wins.