Mr. Anker test set 10

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Practice Sentences

Practice Selection:

Making Things Move

Read this selection, and then answer the questions that follow.
(1) Did you know that whatever you do, forces are at work on you? That's right. Forces keep your feet on the ground when you stand. Forces keep you sitting on a chair without slipping off. And a force guarantees that if you jump up, you're going to come down! Without forces you couldn't hold a pen to write, no matter whether you use your right or left! In the world of forces, things spin, stretch, twist, and fly, but only if something or someone applies a push or pull!
(2) Here on Earth, gravity pulls anything at or near the surface toward the center of the planet. Things have weight because of gravity's pull. The greater the pull, the more an object weighs. We use scales to measure weight. When you step on a scale, the numbers tell how much force Earth's gravity is pulling between you and the planet itself.

12. What is the meaning of the word pen as used in the first paragraph?
a. cage
b. writing tool
c. scribble
d. corral

13. Which is NOT a meaning of the word step?
a. stair
b. stage or point of directions
c. stride
d. high

14. Which is the meaning of scales as used in the passage?
a. hard pieces that cover an animal's body
b. climbs a steep, rocky hill
c. machines for weighing things
d. draws in relative proportion

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