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Make your own catapult

Make Your Name Mandala

Hidden Picture Puzzles

Hand Clapping Bim Bum:


Hand Jive:

Make it rain:

When the entire class performs the actions in unison, the effect is the sound of a thunder and rain storm as it builds then dissipates.
Create a thunderstorm.

The order is:
    1. rub your hands together
    2. snap your fingers
    3. clap your hands together in an irregular cadence
    4. slap your hands on your legs (at this time a student flicks a light switch on and off to represent lightning, while another beats a drum to symbolize thunder)
    5. stomp your feet
    6. slap your hands on your legs and stomp your feet (represents height of the storm)
    7. stomp your feet
    8. slap our hands on your legs
    9. clap your hands together in an irregular cadence
    10. snap your fingers
    11. rub your hands together
  1. open palms (quiet)
Have fun!


Cups (tutorial)

Cups - scene from "Pitch Perfect"

Cups - "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone":

Cups - Call Your Girlfriend:

Guess the Wordle

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Make a Thaumatrope

- An Optical Illusion Picture:

Throw Your Weight Around

- Try to stay on balance:

Toy Chemistry

- Make your own GOOP:

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Make a T-Shirt Scarf

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Your Name Coloring Page

Hidden Pictures


Hidden Pictures 2


Hidden Pictures 3

Hidden Pictures 4

Hidden Pictures 5

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Hidden Pictures within Pictures

Concrete Poetry

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